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Inclusion Specialist

  • 01/10/2023 1:52 PM
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    • Summer Camp Inclusion Specialist

      Job Title

      Inclusion Specialist


      Job Duration

      June 26th-Aguat 28th, 2023


      • Hourly Wage: 35 hours / week
      •  $18 / hour

      Reports To

      Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director


      Application Deadline

      •   Open until filled



      As a summer camp, Sasamat Outdoor Centre prides itself on creating an engaging and supportive community where children are made to feel included in the camp environment. The supportive nature of camp allows for campers to try new activities and develop new skills with the help of caring camp staff members. Sasamat’s summer camp and Outdoor Education Centre is located in beautiful British Columbia.

      Sasamat Outdoor Centre strives to create equal opportunity for children to have a traditional summer camp experience, make new friends, learn new skills, and have a fun safe place to grow. The role of the Inclusion Specialist is to help support campers who may have additional support needs to be successful within the summer camp setting. This role presents an opportunity to work with campers with special needs or a disability to help create opportunities for success. The Inclusion Specialist will help support campers where, and may support multiple camper groups.  The Inclusion Specialist will support campers (ages 6-12) coping with frustration, problem solving, navigating difficult emotions, peer interactions, activity instruction and participation, or any needs within a reasonable scope of training and safety for a staff member at Sasamat Outdoor Centre.

      This important camp role requires a person who is patient, dynamic, understanding, independent, has genuine care for others and a strong work ethic. The Inclusion Specialist will also ideally have or be pursuing an education or background in youth support work, therapeutic recreation, or teaching to set a successful foundation for their summer and compliment Sasamat Outdoor Centre’s summer staff training.

      How to apply:

      Step 1 - Visit our website at

      Step 2 – Scroll down to the “apply now” link

      Step 3 – Create an account and send us an application

      We look Forward to hearing from you

    Inclusion Specialist: Staff Details and Contract

    • Hourly Wage 35hours / week

    Summer Camp 2023 Training

    • Summer staff training
    • Policy and procedure training
    • RCABC course days

    General Responsibilities During Camp

    1.     In collaboration with summer coordinators and Summer Camp Director, the Inclusion Specialist will help provide support to individual campers with special needs or campers having trouble settling into the summer camp routine or displaying behavioural issues. The Inclusion Specialist will not have an individual group, but rather support campers and camp where needed throughout the summer season.

    • Pro-actively identify and solve problems and areas of concern for specified campers
    • Help supervise, role model, and create safe opportunities for campers
    • Attend 100% of pre camp training
    • Attend weekly pre-session camper debrief with coordinators and Summer Camp Director

    2.     In collaboration with the camp staff team and Summer Camp Director:

    • Remain accessible and open, within reason; to support campers and give advice to the best of their ability.
    • Contribute to weekly staff meetings re: leadership, team building, camper concerns, volunteer- support etc.
    • Help support individual campers through camp activities as needed
    • Relieve day camp staff as required
    • Greet and welcome campers and staff each morning when available
    • Actively create and implement team building and bonding initiatives throughout the summer for campers as needed

    3.     Adhere to and support all camp policies and procedures as detailed in the Staff Manual

    4.     Report all accidents/incidents and program concerns to the Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director

    5.     Assume designated role as assigned by Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director/designate in the event of an emergency

    6.     Maintain high levels of staff morale and conduct by providing mentorship and support to fellow staff

    COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

    • Sasamat outdoor Centre and Association of Neighborhood Houses of B.C (ANHBC) is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and the community. Subject to legal exemptions, proof of COVID-19 vaccination status will be required for this role prior to starting employment.
    • Job offers with Sasamat Outdoor Centre and ANHBC is conditional on you providing Sasamat Outdoor Centre/ANHBC with proof, prior to the start date and in a form satisfactory to Sasamat Outdoor Centre/ANHBC, that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  If you do not provide such proof prior to your start date, job offers will be considered void and of no effect. If you are unable to be fully vaccinated on the basis of a ground protected by applicable law, you may request an accommodation from Sasamat outdoor Centre/ANHBC by contacting the Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Centre Director immediately. Sasamat outdoor Centre/ANHBC reserves the right to delay your start date while it considers your accommodation request.  ANHBC also reserves the right to amend its COVID-19 vaccine requirement in its sole discretion.
    • Sasamat outdoor Centre will work diligently to keep all staff informed of all Covid-19 related policies and procedures as they may change over time due to the ever-dynamic landscape and nature of the pandemic. For the most up-to-date policy information please visit our website at


    • Summer camp is a job like any other, where self-care is extremely important and camp staff are expected to be at work ready for an energy filled day or week of programs, maintain healthy practices, and balance personal/social lives appropriately.

    Specific Duties and Responsibilities


    • Special focus on campers with disabilities or special needs coming to camp. To support campers with adaptive or special needs within our scope of care to have a fun and successful time at Sasamat Outdoor Centre.
    • To help support campers who may be having behavioural or emotional obstacles at camp such as: homesickness, arguments, bullying, etc.  

    Staff and Volunteers

    • Attend regular staff debriefs
    • Act as role model for staff and volunteers while dealing with adverse campers or campers with special needs
    • Proactively identify and work to resolve staff and camper concerns around specific behaviours
    • Report major staff issues to the Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director
    • Ensure high levels of staff morale by providing mentorship and leading by example
    • Help staff implement effective and routine strategies for campers
    • Liaise/mediate between campers when conflict arises, providing ideas for solutions and prevention
    • Provide direct assistance to all program areas (including setup when necessary) and provide counselors with support, ideas, ongoing feedback
    • Potentially respond to or assist in major first aid scenarios or first aid treatment


    • Report camper discipline or conduct concerns in writing to the Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director/designate
    • Report any program concerns to the Executive Director/Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director/designate
    • Contribute to and help facilitate camper reports as needed for specified campers for future growth in returning summers
    • Ensure completion and timely submission of all documents


    • Consult with parents when required

    Other Duties

    • The Counselor Coordinator may be asked to assist in duties not listed above. Sasamat Outdoor Centre expects the support of all staff members in fulfilling objectives that may not be specific to this position



    • Post-secondary education

    Specialized Knowledge and Certification

    • Valid First Aid Certificate and CPR-C (or higher) OFA level two preferred
    • Current RCA BC Advanced Solo/Tandem Canoe certification
    • Education or certification in therapeutic recreation, youth and child support / development (finished or pursing)

    Additional qualifications considered an asset

    ·       Bronze Cross or NLS (Pool, Waterpark or Waterfront)

    ·       Wilderness First Aid

    ·       High Five

    ·       Food Safe

    • Challenge Course or Ropes Training
    • OFA level 2 or equivalent
    • Class 4 driver’s licence


    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Ability to work independently and to exercise initiative
    • Strong organizational ability
    • Ability to work with a wide variety of ages and demographic groups
    • Ability to take charge and motivate others
    • Ability to supervise peers of a close age
    • Ability to observe and assess staff and camper behavior, enforce safety regulations and emergency procedures, and apply appropriate behavior-management techniques
    • Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, self-control



    • Experience working with children and youth is needed to be successful at this role.
    • Experience in supportive roles working with children with disabilities, special needs or behaviour development will be considered a very strong asset to this position.

    Working Conditions

    • A day camp team lead role (may require some weekend work)
    • Requires working in an outdoor environment in all weather conditions
    • May require working with difficult clients

    Physical Requirements

    • Physical ability to lead a wide variety of challenging activities in an outdoor environment


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